As Simple As Sex

As Simple As Sex

As Simple As Sex


I’ve written little about sex, and that is mainly because I really think it is important to develop all our structures, in order to offer sex a mainframe in which it can become an expression of in-depth transformation.

Sex itself is exactly what you make of it, bringing in your mental body, emotional body and overall energy which encapsulates from divine potential to low frequency attachments.

During intercourse, the emanating energy it’s so powerful, that it is crucial to establish the intention, as you would do in any action that you undertake.

When you and your partner meet in bed, there is divinity, dark aspects, your higher selves, the primordial chaos, and every time, something is being born out of that.

During sex you can feed the angels and demons alike.

When your opinion on sex is negative, you will manifest the dark aspects of yourself, with everything that it represents, like shame, anger, unforgivness etc, and the energy of the sexual activity will enhance those aspects, which will affect your relationship, not knowingly.

Lack of love at the level of selves, of spirits, will make sex problematic, dysfunctional, and more often a battle of supremacy. In practice, revenge sex is common in more beds than we might think of.

When you are not selfaware, sex it’s just that, friction force, which sadly happens on a dry and barren land.

When you experience awakening, you realise you feel the need to offer sex a new dimension. You will start to allow perceptual allegories to give sex essence, meaning, purpose. The essence of sex changes as you bring in new elements, energy structures, different aspects of yourself, which you reintegrate.

The more your vibration rises, the more you involve energies which will give you access to knowledge, helping you to use sexual energy as a creative catalyst.

The only way of evolution in sex and through sex, is love.

I’ve developed an allergy to the whole concept of ‘ unconditional love ‘, firstly because it used by the so evolved spirituals, and true believers, to smack you, the mortal one, in the face with it, and secondly, because love has the sole attribute of unconditionality. If there is any condition to it, that is not love, but a sort of attachment.

The love within sex is magic. Besides of re-establishing the energy structures at their initial values, it balances, heals, raises vibration, and more so, it connects you to the Creator. He/she already exists at every level in every single cell, but to acknowledge him/her, to honour him/her and to love him/her through your partner, that is called cocreation.

From where I stand, this is the reason why we are being given a body. The idea is of unifying the personal love(individuality) and the divine love , using our physical and energetic structures. The whole embodiment purpose is to fully integrate divinity in every single cell, so that, at our departure from this reality, divinity would fully reintegrate every single cell of us.

Personally, I’ve entered this world feet first, like a dead man on his last journey, and will definitely leave alive, with everything that I am, back home.

Studying sexuality and sex has taught me something I was in search of for a long time. I knew ascesis was just a way, prostitution an extreme personal penitence, so, in this lifetime I had to find a way of fully expressing myself, without giving up on something, or abusing it for that matter.

Sex within love activates DNA and divine potential. It is only natural, by using sexual energy, creation energy, with love, to access those higher aspects of yourself, to create and alter your reality, manifesting through events, actions, experiences those very divine attributes in your physical reality. Love, happiness, joy, abundance, inspiration are divine expressions.

The only way of bringing love to your sex life is by educating the self. And I do not mean only theoretical concepts, I mean Knowledge. And that is assimilated at the level of the Self, and the Self determines the dimensions of our life experiences.

It is said that a dick has no need of academics, and yet, if it would, it might be able to surpass the stage of being called a dick. And that applies equally to it’s feminine counterpart.

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