Between You and Myself, I choose Us!

Between You and Myself, I choose Us!

Between You and Myself, I choose Us!


When the Divine Feminine awakens, and claims for its place at a Universal level, the Divine Masculine is the one who helps her step in and smooths the transition. 

Since last year we can hear and read about this cosmic change and about handing over the energetic ties of the world and shift from the patriarchal era to the matriarchal one. 

Honestly, on a personal level, I think too many took it too literally. It would mean that, after thousands of years of masculine energy, we would be stuck in the same supremacy old paradigm, and eager to fight and engage war energies again and again. 

Yes, the time has come the feminine energy to be healed, to be elevated, and for God´s sake, to finally bury the hatchet between her and the masculine energy! 

At a collective unconscious level, we should break loose from the old 3D paradigm, that of illusion of pain, and shift to the 5D Consciousness, and connect to the plane of Archangels and Ascended Masters. 

Up until now things were pretty much like this: the masculine took over, and from the dense 3D Consciousness said” I lead, you follow!”. It kind of experimented (just to be decent, today) on the feminine energy and took it in every position, every angle, for its own pleasure, interests and after its own evolution stage. 

Yes, the Feminine was a slave, was tortured, was dragged between all kind of sheets, was disdained and ultimately burned at the stake. 

The masculine engaged, the feminine swallowed… all of it! Each one chose what to give and what to receive, everything being a part of a bigger evolutionary plan, which we were not taught to see. 

Therefore, we ended up in this century with thousands of years of pain, anger, betrayal stuck into the feminine collective consciousness, where men are the root cause for all our problems. They are the bastards, the traitors, our very own executioners. Great, isn´t it?!? 

We became feminists, we fought for equal chances, we rose revolutionary movements, and… we are in charge! Perfect, right? 

We are where we dreamed for so long we would be, and what we decide now to act upon, will truly show how much we did evolve. 

I personally think we should start by forgiving ourselves for all the silenzio Stampa centuries, where we found vicious ways of pulling the strings and manipulate men, knowing that a direct confrontation is not an option. We should forgive ourselves for the endless and tiresome fights to persuade them into loving us, for projecting onto them our very own inability to love and accept ourselves as women, because either of us, male or female, didn´t or couldn´t understand the meaning of unconditional love. 

If this feminine awakening will head itself towards what many might consider” payback time”, unfortunately we will feed an endless war. 

I know for sure the time has come, from our ancestral wisdom, to give up everything that doesn´t align itself to Unity. If every action of your Divine Feminine takes you toward separation, I urge you to wake up! 

Whoever thinks the woman is in charge, will only be right in case that woman has beside her the Masculine to offer her support, to allow her to manifest on the physical plane everything regarding creation, everything that represents Life Force. 

Let us open our inner sight, let us heal whatever is there to heal, let us forgive ourselves and others, and bring into balance the two Principles of Life. We need to introduce them, free of judgements and naked of beliefs, memories, frustration, pain, and merge the two energies by bringing them facing each other, just like as if it were a first date. Let´s give them the opportunity to discover one another, to get to know each other, to touch, feel and mingle in a passionate dance. 

If you are a woman willing to experience here, on the physical plane, a love you only see in movies and fairytales, I suggest you start by loving yourself unconditionally. And, from your inner temple, out of your sacred knowledge, call upon the Man, to embrace him, to heal his wounds, to ask him for forgiveness, and to give him yours. 

Then, in those moments, let him go, free him from guilt, from the pressure he” has to be a perfect man”, and most of all, free him from yourself. Let him choose what shape or form he would like to embody, do not ask for a thing, do not demand, just offer him the love and support he needs on the path of his own discovery. Give back the Man the chance to be all that he is, give him back the place in your heart, not on a pedestal, not on a doormat at your feet, but rather beside you, entwined on the same road of becoming. 

If you are a man and asking yourself where the Woman went, the woman who used to look at you with desire, love and respect, where is the Woman who used to caress you, the one who fueled your deepest passion, I suggest you open your heart! 

Dive deep into your soul and forgive yourself for everything you thought you need to be, and weren´t, love and accept yourself for everything that you actually are, and bring the Woman between the sheets of your soul, not to clean up the mess, but instead to offer her for the first time the purity of your emotions, the honesty of your touch, your protection, and let yourself wrapped up by the complexity of her forms. 

Allow yourself to be loved and to love. You are the catalyst of manifesting wishes. Whisper in her year your most secret desires and wildest dreams and allow her to make them come true. Give yourself the place where you can both be naked, tender and authentic, without masks, or expectations, just be together. 

That is what Divine Feminine Ascension really means to me, the Ascension of Us! 

Extremes have never brought the magic that equilibrium does! 

Whether you know it or not, the integration of the two energies begins within you! Then, and only then, you will be able to enjoy all the manifestations your reality brings and believe me when I say it is Pure Magic! 

So, what will you choose today?

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