Coming Home In The Magic 33

Coming Home In The Magic 33

Coming Home In The Magic 33


Special days should be celebrated with devotion and joy. And what a better day to celebrate than another complete solar revolution added to your experience, to your wonderful existence?!?
Every complete cycle comes with a key to unlocking a new energy, a new part of yourself. Whether you know it or not, every cycle completed comes with a unique gift waiting to be unwrapped and explored.

The 33 is a completely different and unique energy, possibilly the one which unravels the essence of life – MAGIC.

It is pure and exciting and a powerful tool in the hands of the beholder, giving him/her the once in a lifetime opportunity to become the full embodied expression of the Selves.

The 33 unlocks doors otherwise cloaked, unlocks potential into infinite strings, unlocks what I like to call the power of the BEing.

Alignment, activations, integration, unity, manifestation upon desire, clarity, connection, freedom, will power are just mere attempts to describe endless possibilities and try to apprehend the “unattainable” as the Chaldean Oracle depicts : Nothingness (the dot), Infinity (the line) and Perfection (the circle).

Every past experience has prepared the moment in which you’ll gracefully step into the Real You. Every energy spent or accumulated is supporting the quantum leap you are about to embrace.

The magic of the 33 is a shortcut taking you home, into your new adventure encompassing all your knowledge from the very beginning of time.

I am lucky to have made it in the magic of my 33 aware of the opportunity presented.

If by chance you’ve moved past your 33, know that you can always tap into its power and activate life within yourselves and all that amazing potential and abilities to transform into the Essence of You.

So far has been an extremely interesting road, always searching for my truth.

I am confident this one is going to surprise me in ways I can’t foresee just yet.

You’ll see more of me and my experiences, and I am literally magically becoming.



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