Hiding Your Erection From God

Hiding Your Erection From God

Hiding Your Erection From God


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#1 Episode: Hiding Your Erection From God

Isn’t it funny how we try to hide our most natural instincts, from the very force that created us in the first place?

If any of our body parts were designed not to function properly, or to keep us in the darkness, we definitely should ask God for a refund !

I know for sure to some I might be a living blasfemy, but between me and God there are no secrets to hide from.

My opportunity comes every second I ask the Higher Force to join me on the road of self discovery. And we have a blast, cause there is no boundary to limit the experience, or to experience outside of the Creation!

Let me know what you think, ask questions, I will gladly answer them!

Stay naughty and creative!


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