Indulging… Into Your Senses

Indulging… Into Your Senses

Indulging… Into Your Senses


I asked a friend at one point what does she do to spoil herself, to nourish her body, soul, mind and how does she honour herself as a human.

She bluntly responded : “I buy books!”

Feeding the mind is one way to do yourself a huge favour. If reading that book determines you to take an action and opens up new doors you didn’t think to explore, then yes, great!

But what do you do with the rest of yourself?

What is your ritual of worshipping your God given body and all that is contained within?

Do you even have something like that, some time to indulge, to take care of every millimeter of your skin, to caress every part of your wonderful body?

We are with our heads so up in the sky developing abstract concepts of the Universe, that we forget to acknowledge our home, which is our body, and that home needs care, needs pampering and love.

I’ve asked a few people what is their favourite way to love their body, to honour their manhood or womanhood. Apart from some who chose going to spas, none seemed to do something themselves for their own pleasure.

I wondered at one point how many of us, when taking a shower, we consciously wash our body engaging in the touch? Do we even feel our fingers running against the skin in the way of really being present? Do we touch others with the same lack of presence and joy?

How many times do we really comfort ourselves by simply caressing, nonjudgmental, lovingly, joyfully following the lines of our bodies with our fingertips?

We all judge the way we look, and that is just pure agression towards our every cell. That produces in time tissue damage, along with mental, emotional and energy issues.

So, how about from now on, if you haven’t already got a way, build up your own ritual to awaken the senses, to give yourself some love, acceptance, brushing away all the tension, and allowing your body to regenerate and support you further on your earthly journey?

I love indulging into decadent spoiling by stimulating all the senses at once. Creating a sacred space by listening to a music I love while taking a bath with essential oils, some candles, incense, crystals for clearing and activating whatever I intend, is a great way to let my body know I just adore it. If that bath is outside in nature, then I get to connect to everything I love the most. Sometimes just going out naked in the courtyard for the sun to kiss my skin is just enough to create a space for me to create. Not only that the body is acknowledged, but my energies also engage into stimulating creation.

Every time you feel happy with yourself, you’ll notice things start to change for the better. Letting your body know is loved and appreciated gives you the much needed space for transformation.

And sometimes the best way to get in that place of bliss is receiving someone’s touch. Allowing that without any restraint or judgement can be just what you need to wake up.

It is sad really when I see people uncomfortable with being touched. It must be a sad and lonely place to choose to go for. And what is more sad than that is the fact they don’t have to, but are too scared of unleashing fire, pleasure, sensuality, passion into their lives. And all of the the above don’t have to necessary have anything to do with sex. Yes, it does engage sexual energy, but it has all to do with the orgasmic energy. You can have a tasteful orgasm while eating a cake, or an intellectual orgasm while having a conversation, and in neither of the situations sex, at least not our limited perception of it, is involved.

Tapping into that orgasmic energy is the real gift, because that is the ultimate creation joy. At least, that is for me, and that you can use in every aspect of your life.

In order to get there, just start by being more present in your skin, by filling your body completely and using it to experience this world. That’s what it is for really. The body was created so our spirits could explore denser matter, to understand the whole concept of feeling. And while doing that, why not actually taking pleasure at it?

Be a rebel and spank yourself once in a while! Watch yourself in the mirror and just smile by saying “Fuck me, I’m awesome!”

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