Let’s Spell S.E.X.

Let’s Spell S.E.X.

Let’s Spell S.E.X.


You can use Sex to describe so many emotions, feelings, states of being.

For me Sovereign Empowering Xperience is the way to describe how I perceive this amazing gift and how I came to understand it after a long quest.

As you may have already noticed, I don’t go around words and speak my mind regardless the subject. I’ve got some comments about me being tough on women, as opposed to men, so here is why things might seem this way.

I honestly believe as women we carry a greater responsibility towards what we create. Needless to say we also create babies, and raise them to become the men and women of today and tomorrow. If we don’t get our beliefs and own personal energy in line with who we truly are, that translates into supporting the same system which fucked us up and allowing it to transfer further and basically feeding the same beasts that kept us in lock down mode for thousands of years.

Dear women and men, with all the love in world, wake the fuck up!

Getting back to sex. It is known sex and money rule the world in terms of conditioning, from the ever changing rules on what is normal and what is not, to the perverse manipulation of condemning what is the most innate pure desire. Sexual instincts and abundance are just a normal natural state of being. Ostracizing those naturally creates enslavement by insidiously creating guilt, shame and fear. Those who get traumatized time after time become the perfect candidates for unconsciously bearing both the desire trigger and the whip of the prosecutor. Either way we’re bound to loose.

I’ve come to the point in my life to understand why we experience sexual traumas, and that for a very long period, like lots of lives, we go from victim to abuser until we realise the only way out is just saying NO!

When sex is not an empowering act of love, that is called abuse. You can be the abused or the abuser, or both.

A girl once asked me why she couldn’t say no to sex, and why her sexual experiences felt like a rape, which was creating both frustration and anger, but also pleasure.

Sexual dysfunction can go on so many levels, that it can literally cripple you for lifetimes. The only way to deal with this kind of things is working with someone who can actually understand the depths of this planetary control system, which causes sexual abuse, paedophilia, porn addiction, all kind of sexual pleasure triggers and fetishises. There is nothing condemning in feeling the way we feel, the only problem lies where we are too afraid to ask for help and go to the root of the problem.

I’ve encountered so many aspects of sexual dysfunction I can’t really keep track of, but, what I know works in clearing them is reaching to someone who knows shortcuts. I didn’t have those and struggled for some time to comprehend on my own what was off and why I was experiencing and feeling things in a total contradiction with my desires.

I’m going to be rough on this, but regardless of what might have happened to you, as unfair and excruciating it might have been, you’re not a victim but your own perpetrator if you decide to experience that over and over again and not deal with it and get your power from wherever it went to.

If something bad happened once, be it a bad relationship, an abuse of some kind, an emotional deception, you’re the only one who can decide today to say NO, not anymore! And that includes the willingness to accept you are responsible for everything, not guilty, just responsible!

You need to know that all your existence is contained within yourselves, every event from any timeline is stocked in your genital area. It’s like a womb of infinite bubbles connected to every single time, space, dimension you exist in. That’s one of the reasons our security and sexuality are directly linked to everything we have ever experienced as a spirit. That’s why our sexual energy, when activated, lights up all kind of issues in order for us to clear blocks, beliefs, patterns, etc. The clearer the road is, the faster, the more effective and magic our creation gets.

Think of the sexual energy like a catalyst, like a fire igniting whatever finds on its way. If there are illusions, bad habits, misunderstandings, fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, hate and whatever you might think of being bad for you, the fire will ignite those activating them, lighting them up, and sadly creating a reality with those components it feeds on. This is the reason we don’t experience what we desire, but rather whatever is stuck on a cellular level.

The more you clear up, the more you can come into your own power, feeding that amazing fire clear intention, pure desire, letting it to emphasize the very core of who you are. And who you are at your core, trust me, it’s orgasmic!

How sex looks like for you, it depends on what you allow yourself to feel, to be. So many of you crave for something they can’t actually describe, but every single one of you is looking for that passionate, hands on, limitless, boundary free expression of who you truly are.

We are all unique, and all eager to express freely what we like, what excites us and gives us unlimited pleasure.

I know that what sets me on fire is bringing people closer to themselves and playing with that sexy, climaxing energy.

And what I’m really passionate about, oh yes, you’ve already guessed… Passion at its peaks, exploring and creating S.E.X. in everything with all the senses and powers!

I would love to see what is that really and truly ignites you all!


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