Marriage…Just A Means To An End?!?

Marriage…Just A Means To An End?!?

Marriage…Just A Means To An End?!?


“Yes, I Do!” to every aspect , consequence, experience, lesson, transformation, karmic baggage, darkness, flaws, limitations, expansion, knowledge, perspective that my significant other brings to the table, known or unknown, free willing and promising to honour and respect him/her and stick to the Dos and Don’ts stipulated in the binding ritual and orally transmitted through generations (to be read as fears, insecurities bringing on the unwritten manual of marriage).

I’m not against marriage or those who choose this path, I’m just against marriage as a social means to annihilate individuality, conscious choice, uniqueness and that marriage which represses free expression of sexuality, personality and evolution.

I call marriage even the unofficial relationships that follow the same patterns, rules, guides as the signed pledge to abide by the manual.

Be it marriage, or plain relationships, whoever commits to it blinded by the butterflies, and does not understand the spiritual research potential, is in for a big treat!

Evolution comes forth faster than before, not leaving room for forever afters, and bringing the beauty and the beast together by programming marriage as a school of personal and spiritual evolution, as a catalyst.

Yes, marriage is a program, embedded in our DNA, as a karmic shortcut to learning faster and waking up sleeping beauty from forgetting.

It is an excellent way to meet yourself in the actions of your loved one!

You know that most people affirm their spouses changed after marriage and they were not the person they knew anymore? Well, apart from the fairytale illusion and wearing masks, the other one changes because he/she wakes up bonded to a massive energy that brings even more weight.

The truth is, as I see it, the marriage ritual unites two souls, but, at the level of the unawakened self, you still have two individuals who might have different missions, aspirations, beliefs and that’s when the real fight begins.

On an energy level it is rather interesting to see two sworn enemies bound by marriage vows for the sole purpose of learning forgiveness, love and different aspects of truth, catalysing their spiritual growth ( or not).

A big component of evolution is Letting Go.

The first let go is the illusion of who you think you are. That is called awakening.

The second let go is when you understand that not a single soul belongs to another, therefore, not even a contract, pledge, vow or however you might call it, can hold you, or another, away from going further, finding your truth, experiencing everything that might come your way so you can build up your own knowledge.

At every step of evolution, you encounter the suitable partner to mirror back whatever you need to understand, let go whatever doesn’t suit you anymore.

Unless there is a bigger picture to the commitment, and I mean mutual support and evolution in the same direction with the same values, having a bigger purpose than social or mercantile means, I consider binding either insanity, trying to mask the fear of true self commitment by bringing someone else along and projecting all our misfortune and lack on him/her, OR an heroic act of spiritual research, using the relationship as a personal truth quest.

Either way, your true self will timestamp every situation, bringing about a valuable lesson of the stepping stones. The more you let go, the more you come closer to what you really need and closer to the bigger version of yourself.

Not sticking to the program, understanding your uniqueness, exploring every aspect of yourself might give you struggling times.

Monogamy Vs free choice, binding Vs freedom, individuality Vs enclosed systems will tackle with your security, sexuality, will power, emotions, spoken truths, perceptions and finally will definitely emerge in a whole new you.

I think marriage, relationships of any kind, religion, spiritual practices are all stepping stones, ways of meeting up with ourselves and go way beyond programming and discover the infinite power of transformation.

Self validation through any of the above is just a big no to owning your true colours.

Conscious living is knowing and understanding what you’re getting yourself into.

If it is limiting in any way I just say “No, I don’t!”.

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