Reaching Ends

Reaching Ends

Reaching Ends


At every turn there will be something trapped. You’ll feel you’ve reached the point of a dead end. We’ve all encountered the feeling once too many times, so you know the frustration, the lack of direction, disorientation, and overall a claustrophobic sense of an imminent end.

When given this situation, it is important to remember a single question : ‘ Really?!? ‘

How illusory is really the end? How much does it robs us of energy, hope, faith, and honestly, of opportunities? Whilst banging your head to the wall in front of you, most of the solutions fly just by.

A wall is a wall, you might think. Won’t argue with that, cause I have the bruises to back that up too. No point in going metaphysical on a wall, but, really?

There are two possibilities to that: either stare at it, bang it with whatever you think might crack it, or just take a step back and breathe!

Go deep into your heart and ask yourself ‘Really? Is this an end I’m seeing? What does it mean to me? Is this an end I’m willing to accept and move towards another direction, or just a mere stop? What does this end want me to see?’

I’ve hit so many walls and ends over the time, and still I bang my forehead once a new one arises. It is silly, but the dizziness makes it somehow clear, and a new reality emerges.

I’ve hit dead ends not because they were supposed to be there, but rather because the motivation behind my actions was inconsistent with the road ahead.

Once we get moving towards a goal, we tend to loose sight of the bigger picture, and loose sight of those little things that build that picture. When something goes off, then Bum!, There you have the wall!

The wall is there just to protect you from your next steps you’ve decided to take after reaching a certain level of your goal. It is just a reminder to check in with yourself and see what blocks, insecurities, stories are running around crazy in the background.

And the only way to know what that fucking nasty wall stands for, is to actually connect to your soul and see what is it you really stand for.

Is it a partner, deep down you know is not what you would really want for yourself, and still play along just because you don’t think you are good enough or deserve better? That partner just plays the role you’ve already assigned him.

Is it your financial situation that keeps signalling you should be doing what you love, and take that leap of faith and just do it? You’ll probably keep struggling, and, if you’re a stubborn ass, might go broke, just to ensure there is nothing else to do but whatever lights you up! I know that happened to me at a point, and it was disturbing to realise how much I have fought myself. It was never about deserving, but always about doing what my soul was excited about.

Is it your looks, weight, complexion? Nothing works no matter how much work you put into it, regardless of the diet, treatment, beauty hacks? Is never about the amount of money, will, determination or the genes. It is always about all the underlying issues behind the scene. When you look in the mirror, at a picture or video of yourself, you’re not condemning the failed treatment, diet or gene, but rather yourself for not being good enough and failing. It is always about the ‘ why ‘. Is the difference between ‘ I want to look like that because it makes me happy, it makes me feel like I’m me, it lets me be passionate about being me ‘ and the need to be liked, seen, appreciated by others. In the second scenario walls will keep ridiculously rising, because nothing external will ever change the way you actually feel about yourself.

Is it your business going through rough patches? Is it the end a probable scenario? Ask yourself what do you honestly feel about it? Is it bringing you the joy, the happiness, the fun, the passion you thrive for? If the answer is no, there you have it, there is your wall!

Every single time I’ve reached an end or thick wall it was just because I had lost sight of what made me happy, excited, creative. Every area of my life that didn’t contained me, my very essence, abruptly died. Same thing happened every time I tried to do something against my desires, values, or better judgement. If I ignored the caution signs, then something threw my ass down on the ground. And that hurt was there only to remember I am not here to fight myself. I’m here to allow myself to grow, experience, have fun, and have the guts to become my own master.

Therefore stop fighting your soul’s desires, but rather support them the best way you know how.

And if the wall is too scary, draw a smiley face on it, and have a chat!

That wall is your best teacher, and the end just the possibility of a new and amazing beginning!

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