Setting Yourself Free

Setting Yourself Free

Setting Yourself Free


This last week has been all about mother figures and father figures.

I decided to write about it, since many people struggle to break free from their own mother and father subpersonalities , and in actual fact don’t even realise what they are really facing.

You need to understand, if you don’t already know this, that to start manifesting fully your personality, you need to overcome, sometimes even override, you mother’s and father’s energy in terms of programming, genes, subconscious and unconscious thinking patterns.

When we are born, we inherit this connection with all the lighter and darker aspects of our parents, and their ability or inability to integrate them.

Everything that is not dealt with by them, affects you up to the point you start bringing yourself forth. It is always a lesson you need to learn, it is always about facilitating your spiritual growth, no matter how fucked up it gets. Your parents and all their aspects are a school, a way of training yourself. Every step towards your freedom, is actually a lesson learned, a power activated, a darker aspect integrated, a wider consciousness revealed.

Sometimes, things get really nasty and dramatic, and you find yourself in a one on one battle with one of the parents, or both. And the battle becomes one of obedience, of abuse, enslavement and possession between you and all the structures, entities, programming, energies, groups, organisations that they have pledged allegiance to across all their incarnations. Sounds apocaliptic, and it kind of is until you start understanding how all of this affects you, and what you can do to overcome it.

What really helped me, was changing my perspective over good and evil. Accepting the fact that at one point you’ve either created the same energy that opposes you, or have been engaged with that kind of energy and didn’t quite fully get it, is the best thing you can do. That allows you to detach and to understand whatever there is to understand, and find the best solution for yourself.

It is hurtful and heartbreaking to outcast a parent out of your life. But, sometimes that decision might be what you need to break free from a long line of planetary obedience agendas. It might be that the parent is not even conscious of what he or she is doing, or that is affecting your life in such a negative way, that the only solution is to part ways.

You need to understand that whatever happens in your physical reality, is a sign where to look into.

In terms of sexual freedom, you are bound to deal with your shadow, and see and acknowledge the reason why your mother’s and father’s darker aspects are affecting your ability to create the life that you desire for yourself. They are the connection to understanding and integrating both your feminine and masculine energies.

Having issues with your mom affects your ability to receive, to conceive, to create, and those with your father affects your ability to manifest, move forward, activate your powers and use them accordingly. Taken separately, each one with its dysfunctions, translates in your inability to fully manifest as a free spirit, and actually be the manifesting expression of Source on Earth.

It is also true that masculine and feminine never work apart. As I’ve worked on myself and others, I discovered that there isn’t such a thing as purely feminine or purely masculine. It is always a combination of both in different percentages. That discovery confirmed what I have intuitively known, which is that masculine and feminine were never meant to be separated. They are a whole acting in consent, holding eachother quite nicely, and mutually enhancing their potential. Along the way something appears to have happened in human consciousness, and splitting feminine and masculine apart brought a lot of distortion on creating and manifesting on this planet.

Freeing your sexual energy and merging the masculine and the feminine from toes to top is the only way for getting lasting results, and becoming fully aware of who you are, and start living your life from the core of your being, and not from the distortion mechanisms implanted in different shapes and forms throughout your energy field and aspects of yourself.

Fulfilling your desires translates into a clear path from the emerging soul desire to implementation in your reality. That can only happen by freeing yourself from everything that is not you.

Fear is the common denominator for all that goes against your desires.

Look at your shadow. It will reveal what aspect of yourself is holding on to clutter and manipulation, and basically illusion. Free that part, integrate it, and move forward towards whatever you need and desire to become.

I’ve worked my way into freedom when I realised my mom and dad are both the Creator, and the biological ones are humans, as am I, struggling to break free from their own dysfunction.

It is ok to love from afar when what you need, and who you are come in conflict with the aspects of those around you. You can’t make them see what you see, you can’t change them, unless they realise it and start their own journey of freedom.

Don’t be afraid to say no and stop. It is your birth right to be free, independent, and no one from any state of consciousness should ever try to divert you from living the life you desire for yourself.

I can see the massive change in myself since the day I said No More!

And ever since, I was given the possibility to enhance, to grow, to understand, and take those actions needed to get where I knew I was supposed to reach.

It might come in the form of a class, a book, a person who will activate those parts of yourself to support you along the way.

No excuses, no delays and no doubts towards what you deserve!

Take the leap of faith, and ask for whatever your best actions might be, to reveal themselves to you, and go for it!

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