The Many Colours Of God

The Many Colours Of God

The Many Colours Of God


I’ve never been religious enough to stop searching for the truth and building up a relationship with what my childhood version thought it is infinite in wisdom and pure love.

When I was little I used to talk to my version of God who had no religion whatsoever at any given time and I would ask to see the truth through His eyes, from a greater perspective than the one I had at that point.

Little I knew that particular approach will bring me the ability to understand good and evil without having to cherish one and completely resent the other.

On a more funny note, I knew from experience how it is to be Switzerland.

The last couple of days I got triggered by others and their posts to be more in line with my perspective over things and be more vocal about it.

What I’ve learned so far is that the Creator, regardless of what name you use, is painted in so many colours and we just see the ones which we used to create Him+Her!

We can only see those aspects of the Creator which we’ve already experienced and therefore already exist within ourselves. Wether it is good or bad, well, it definitely depends on what you hold on into your structures, including beliefs about other people, actions etc.

I was blown away when I discovered that “bad fate” was following me because I was refusing to merge the two aspects of myself, and God alike, the light and the darkness. I was concentrating on banishing the darkness, because I could not cope with the fact that light exists in the presence of the opposing force, the darkness.

That is the problem with what I’ve seen in the last couple of years. And I’ve experienced darkness up to the level of meeting up with death.

And what do you know, that extreme darkness not only it didn’t kill me, but remembered myself where my light was.

And from that day not only that I don’t see white and black, I see colours and shapes everywhere.

I’ve seen people equally afraid of the darkness and light.

A way to deal with that is just be Picasso… Colour everything up… Give it shape and colour as you wish. Make that energy serve you and imprint yourself in that mix of colours.

As I see it, God loves creating, and I’m pretty sure it would have been too boring to paint in black and white for eternity.

It is funny when you come to think to the fact that every single energy in this universe is solely created to educate, to bring about the new and to counterbalance what it has been already created.

How is this going to help you in the day-to-day life?

First just ask yourselves what thoughts, feelings you have towards your version of God, on light and darkness, good and evil.

Once you’ve done that, just observe, analyse, how those thoughts manifest in your life. Is good always good and evil always evil?

Are you still swept by the illusion you need to be one or the other?

When you’ll accept both, then it will be so much easier to co-create with God and paint your lives in so many colours.

The Creator just wants to paint all the possible combinations of colours. And there is an infinite spectrum to choose from.

Will you play?

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