The Ultimate Temptation Of The Saints

The Ultimate Temptation Of The Saints

The Ultimate Temptation Of The Saints


I felt this itch in my throat and ended up writing this.

A few years ago I heard this line “It’s the ultimate temptation of the saints” and I left it dust down in the background of my mind.

I see a whole lot lately in the spiritual community a fight in ideas, paths, beliefs that serves no one in perspective.

I only speak from my own experience, and I chose along my path to research and find out the truth. I don’t care how famous you are, I don’t care how powerful you are or the number of your clients, and definitely I don’t care what is your path as long as you expose the truth.

I’ve been a client too, a student, intimate co-worker in energy based undertakings and the only thing that kept me motivated was feeling the sense of truth beyond anything.

It is very easy to get stuck in your own ways no matter how many superpowers you might have. And when you encounter limitations, actually means you have not reached truth yet.

I see lots of energy workers clinging to their knowledge in such a way they block progress and evolution by being afraid to let go and move further for themselves and for their clients.

At any stage you might find yourself, constantly ask for the piercing truth. Don’t stop at half-truths or illusion just because it’s safer, just because you can’t stand feeling awkward, guilty, fearful, hurt, just because you might get the sense you know so little, therefore you are not in control.

All the saints we’ve learned about, or not, are here on Earth at this particular time to face their last temptation. You might be one of them and not knowing, or you might be close to one.

If a saint is here embodied to learn a few more lessons, don’t you think that we have so much to understand, to acknowledge and to clear once and for all anything that keeps us away from our true selves?

If you were an embodied saint, wouldn’t you be looking for the truth and not for creating a long lasting legacy? Wouldn’t you rather clear see and strip from every single illusion that keeps you trapped?

I’m pretty sure no saint ever argued the Creation, for they are saints and can’t be wrong. And if they did, can wager they had an interesting embodiment asap.

We are taught along the way we can’t get to higher knowledge or spiritual hierarchy because we are just humans. And, when convenient, we use that as an excuse.

If “humaning” would be such a low perspective, how come saints, angels are embodied on this planet? How come The Creator takes so much care of our poor humanely species?

It is true that on this planet everyone has the right to evolve, be it demon, human, angel, saint or other species.

And that is accurate, because the Creation is experiencing itself through every single one of us, using something that I like to call the mechanism of the evolving truths.

How that serves you in a day to day activity, that’s for you to decide.

At least you’ll know now that being “just” human is a big deal in the universe’s ordered chaos.

I was afraid too not to feed my ego, buzzing with “humbleness”, and not seeing how I let my power fractured and “stolen” away by all those who I thought were more aware, skilled and why not to say it for what it is, evil bastards who want me down.

Then, truth kicked in, turning my world upside down and crushing both evil and good alike.

I didn’t feel comfortable to admit I was allowing everything to happen.

You think you’re average, you give your power away. You think sex is evil, you’re feeding your sexual energy to others, cause honestly you don’t want evil. You think white lies haven’t hurt anyone, you’re just creating an illusion and you give your clarity away. You think you don’t deserve something, you’re offering to the next one willing to get as much as they can.

Saint or not, we’re “humaning” until we get the truth and move up to “Goding”.

You choose how your journey will be like. So why not making it truthful and saintly fun?

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