Tripping Over The Omelette!

Tripping Over The Omelette!

Tripping Over The Omelette!


We all experience the “invisible blocks” syndrome mostly every single day of our lives.

The sad thing is we don’t even realise that those blocks are real, and the saddest part is that We create them.

When I got the nudge to pay attention to the algorithms which I use to create my reality, I was not surprised, but rather shocked to acknowledge I was fucking up every single good desire I had, by creating from fear, from low self-esteem, from the “What if I’m not good enough?” energy.

Let me tell you how easy it is to keep creating shitfucks in your life, just to cover up a fear, a lack of understanding or seeing the bigger picture and whatever reason you might think you have, just so you won’t face that part of yourself you consider not to be so shinny or just plain good enough.

The story goes like this : my love life for several years was a damn battlefield, creating trios, and other geometry related relationships ( sacred geometry can be fun 

At my core I wanted to meet The Man with the brain, the looks and mostly the knowledge I was so longing for, the man who would understand.

I started to delve into the concepts, algorithms, programs, patterns of every single relationship I had, and honestly desired to understand and see what was wrong. It suddenly came to mind this dream I’ve had years back, when I was in love with one of my mentors. Cliche, right?

I used to think that too. But that particular dream had the best lesson ever, and it took me roughly 7 years to understand. In that dream me and my mentor were lovers, and what a surprise to see myself,and actually feel in every single cell of my body, panick and feel the fear of not being good enough for him. I could see him in the dream sleeping, and I was in the kitchen wanting to fix breakfast. I made the coffee, the fresh juice and an omelette, and then it started an invasion of doubting questions “what if he doesn’t like it?”, “What if I’m not good enough? Woman enough? Mature enough? ” And everything was rushing to the point where I woke up scared, crying and hyperventilating.

The truth is, at that point everyone could see that there was something going on between us, and that something stopped suddenly, and we’ve moved on with our lives.

When I asked my guides and Higher Self if that relationship was viable at that particular point, their hilarious answer was “if you could have only baked a proper omelette!” and keep showing this picture of a pan with scrambled eggs in it.

So, basically a fucking omelette screwed up my love life!

Obviously the major problem was my strong belief that I have to be Superwoman to be loved, and the other part of a bigger problem was that a man so evolved like that (a man I was dreaming of) could ever see something in me as a potential partner.

So, as you can see, self worth issues combined with strong limiting beliefs actually ruin your most inner desires to manifest easy, as they should btw, and literally keep you behind the fence of your happy and fulfilled life.

Conscious creation means knowing which energies you engage and how to engage them, so whatever you manifest in your reality would serve your core desires and fuck yeah… Would actually make you at least smile like an idiot!

So guys, what is your omelette? What is really there keeping you from experiencing the most awesome and unbelievable lives?

Just remember everything you experience, as awful as it may be, you’ve created it!

Dare to look at every part of yourself, accept it and decide you want more and better, and start making that change you want to be, do or achieve!

The only place you can’t see your shadow is in the dark! Dare to go into the light, cause light means knowing and seeing! And that is the ultimate power into changing how you create!

I for one will be eating a whole lot of omelette, just to get it out of my system!


Not hoping to become a MasterChef, but at least I can engage my creative energy and have a blast searching for other nonsense and start creating out of fun and passion for life!

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