Why I don′t SWALLOW… anyone′s crap!

Why I don′t SWALLOW… anyone′s crap!

Why I don′t SWALLOW… anyone′s crap!


I remembered this interesting idiom, and I thought I should explain what refining sexual choices really means.

I´m a huge supporter of sexual experimentation, but, when it comes to the invisible side of a sexual encounter, I believe it takes a minimum of education.

If, after an intercourse, you have felt empty, sad, overwhelming feelings pushing down your chest, some of them unknown to your way of being, Congratulations, you´ve just downloaded information from your partner´s energy field!

Let me make myself understood! Forget everything about” It´s just sex!” or my favourite” Washed is brand as new!”!!!

We can agree on the simple fact that we are all energy. Therefore, sex brings together two energy fields, which mingle, merge, two fields which exchange information and pure energy. When they get apart, they will contain the other one´s information, modified as a structure, depending on the level of interaction.

More plain said, it means that when you have sex with your partner, you connect to his or her energy field, and to other fields he or she might be still connected to. If you are” lucky” enough to have a charmer as a partner, I proudly announce that you basically slept with half of the town. That is the best scenario. If you are the charmer instead, or were, it would be pretty much the time to pay attention.

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy we possess, which makes it the most wanted and desired. At the level of our sexual organs and the sexual chakra we store all our sexual experiences, as well as our partners´.

The good news is that the energetic string with our former partners stays in place for about three years. The bad news is that, from a karmic point of view, if you haven´t finished paying your dues, that channel will remain active, enabling lessons to come into action, possibly also bringing forth through your new partner same behavioural patterns, and in your relationship same challenges.

So, if you find yourself thinking that all your partners end up acting the same, I suggest to really think it through and acknowledge whose tail did you step on, or how many tails did you step on and what is there inside of you unresolved.

However we might look at it, we always end up looking inward. It´s not an accident we accumulate our partners´ energies.

When I realized that what I was feeling after an intercourse had no real means to me, and that my attitude and reaction towards that man was changing abruptly, I decided I should see what was really going on. It became obvious that all his partners´ energy multiplied over time, and for me it only had to push an inner button and reveal a very well-hidden aspect of myself. I found myself in the middle of a jealousy outburst, in which, through me, all the women from my lover´s life, all their anger, uncertainty, frustration, got a means to express. I knew I was jealous, I knew that I was unsecure at that time, but that outburst just widely opened my eyes.

On one hand there I was with my own negative patterns, with my limiting beliefs, not knowing how to love myself, and, on the other hand, there was my lover with his own chaos and a long line of women who we dragged in our bed along with their desire for revenge, either on him, or on any woman that might catch his eye. Pure recipe for disaster.

Ever since I decided I need to fix my own mess and clear everything inside on a mental, emotional and energetic level.

And, when it comes to my play and love mate, I choose to attract only those who allow me to grow. New stories, new experiences.

I am not willing to swallow anyone´s emotional tantrum anymore! I became self-aware, I love and respect myself, and as I am offering a loving, emotional and energetic bullshit free space, I expect the same care and consideration from any lover I might have. Plus, I kind of never liked gang bangs!

My purpose and mission are that all the people who need my guidance to transform their lives with passion and love to understand the importance of healing sexual energy and take full on responsibility of what they send out there in the world through their relationships.

If you have multiple partners and believe” a new day is a new life”, stop for a second, before you meet that one partner who will enable your whole past and reality to get to apocalyptical sizes. You may choose whatever you feel like, but what we do launch into the Universe tends to backfire multiplied, with a single purpose of waking us up and meeting ourselves.

If you come from a relationship that ended in resentment, forgive and ask for forgiveness, even at an inner level, but don´t take that energy further to sabotage your present and future.

No matter our relationships, or our sexual mates´ number, staying rightfully aligned to our souls, with love and respect for ourselves and those around us, we will ensure deeper, more honest, more passionate relationships… and utmost… spectators free.

Personally, I don´t swallow anyone’s crap, and I sure don´t pretend for others to take mine!

What will you choose today?

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