EMERGE 1:1 Intensive

EMERGE 1:1 Intensive

You are a person of many hats, not fitting in any particular box, cause you know you are more!
You are tired of following other people's steps and fed up with the linearity of actions!
You love power, mindblowing energy that can shake you from the root up, and you are not afraid to face it!

  • You are seeking for
  • Your Uniqueness
  • Pleasure
  • Power
  • New ways of being you
  • Bullshit free approach
  • Freedom
  • Excitement
  • Challenge
  • Knowledge
  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Becoming your own master
  • Building up legacy
  • Sexiness and vavavum
  • Aliveness
  • Orgasming in all areas of your life
  • Magic

You are the endless adventurer who never settles for stories! You are the story, the hero and the narrator!
You need to do it yourself, rather than taking someone else's magic pill!
You have always known there is something special about you, but ended up feeling awkward and Our work is exactly that: ours! It's a co-created party where I do my magic, and you start acknowledging you powers, skills, solutions, desires etc! I just connect you to your core and play together the game of creation!
Nothing is impossible, nothing is out of reach...unless you think so, and I will blast that away for good!

I'm not going to fix you, or do something for you, or tell you what to do! We'll play a fair game of owning our geniuses, yours being supported by mine and reflected back at you through me!
The most wonderful game I always get to play, is the one where my clients reveal themselves in all shapes and forms, opening up to everything they can and want to be, and let go of whatever is in the way!

We will work for an intensive whole month, activating, clearing away from the root whatever is holding you back, catalysing your energy to the point you are on your own two feet, fully in your power! You'll get access to my wattsup for a constant feedback and whatever you might need, and two weeks of follow up when I will tweak in anything that needs attention in order for you to get your vision rolling!

Be it money, sex, health, business, love, relationships...whatever you choose to experience, you'll get, and even more than that! You'll get a digital recording to help you with energy hygiene during our work and afterwards, and whatever I feel it will be necessary!

A few from our work:

  • Activating as many DNA strands as you need
  • Changing DNA dysfunctional sequences
  • Removing any tags, implants, and any hybridization devices, seals, contracts
  • Fully connecting and activating your core frequencies, desires, powers
  • Creating your life vision and implementing it
  • Freeing you up from any other systems and planetary entanglements
  • Balancing feminine/masculine energies
  • Setting on fire conditioning

And many many other cool stuff you get to experience in only one month!
I'm not going to sweet talk you into anything... but, the greater the desire, the greater the power unleashed!

So, are you ready?!?

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